Buyer Insights or Marketing Persona

Buyer Insights will tell you what recent buyers were thinking and doing as they spent money and time to solve problems that you address. Understanding what triggered a recent buyers search for a solution, what results they were looking to deliver, their perceived risks and barriers and the criteria that they used to choose a final solution will tell you a lot about how prospective buyers are likely to make their purchase decisions.

A marketing persona is a term that causes your salespeople to roll their eyes when they hear it. Why? Because they know that there is nothing captured in that persona that will actually help them influence their buyers purchase decision. A marketing persona is very good at predicting age, income, values, lifestyles and social interests of ideal prospects. If you sell exercise equipment, it may be helpful to know this information but It’s difficult to imagine how a marketing persona would persuade a CFO to improve their compliance practices. And do you really need a marketing persona to tell you that a CFO is risk averse?

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“We did the customer persona exercise and frankly, I am not sure what the value is at the moment. If I were, to be honest, there was a lot of guessing going on in the room.”
Vice President, Solutions Marketing
Global Fintech Company

Buyer Insights

Uncover what it takes to capture your buyer’s attention, provide the incentive to change and the confidence to invest.

Win/Loss Analysis

Understand the criteria that got your solution or your competitor’s eliminated from consideration.


Validate the importance and effectiveness of insights at influencing purchase decisions across your market.

We uncover actionable buyer insights that you and your staff have never heard before – or you pay us nothing!

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We have Digital Transformation, Big Data, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Predictive Analytics, chatbots, machine learning, NLP, deep learning...but what we don't have is more revenue.
Is sales and marketing focused on everything but the problem?

Do you need Buyer Insights? Ask your #sales reps the following question:

1. If you follow-up on a marketing lead and determine that they're not ready to buy, how would you go about helping them if the reason they’re stuck has nothing to do with their needs or your solution?

You think you're customer-focused but you're not. It's a blind spot and you're operating off of assumptions that give a false baseline and that means that your sales and marketing will be off.
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A fabulously irreverent blogger (@AdContrarian ) said "Your not on a journey, unless you have holes in your socks and you smell like a goat".

#buyers aren't navigating a journey, They're solving problems and he last thing they want to do is buy anything.

Your current #contentmarketing Strategy is perfectly focused on the 3% of marketing leads that are willing and able to buy - the #Sales ready lead.
For the other 97% your #content is useless. You need to teach these prospects how to buy not what to buy.

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