Buyer Insights or Marketing Persona

Buyer Insights will tell you what recent buyers were thinking and doing as they spent money and time to solve problems that you address. Understanding what triggered a recent buyers search for a solution, what results they were looking to deliver, their perceived risks and barriers and the criteria that they used to choose a final solution will tell you a lot about how prospective buyers are likely to make their purchase decisions.

A marketing persona is a term that causes your salespeople to roll their eyes when they hear it. Why? Because they know that there is nothing captured in that persona that will actually help them influence their buyers purchase decision. A marketing persona is very good at predicting age, income, values, lifestyles and social interests of ideal prospects. If you sell exercise equipment, it may be helpful to know this information but It’s difficult to imagine how a marketing persona would persuade a CFO to improve their compliance practices. And do you really need a marketing persona to tell you that a CFO is risk averse?

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“We did the customer persona exercise and frankly, I am not sure what the value is at the moment. If I were, to be honest, there was a lot of guessing going on in the room.”
Vice President, Solutions Marketing
Global Fintech Company

Buyer Insights

Uncover what it takes to capture your buyer’s attention, provide the incentive to change and the confidence to invest.

Win/Loss Analysis

Understand the criteria that got your solution or your competitor’s eliminated from consideration.


Validate the importance and effectiveness of insights at influencing purchase decisions across your market.

We uncover actionable buyer insights that you and your staff have never heard before – or you pay us nothing!

Short and (not so) sweet blog

Bob Hoffman @AdContrarian exposes the BS that masquerades as science brought to you buy the people that are selling the product behind the "science".

How will you get someone that visited your website and signed up for a webinar to buy your enterprise SW? Drop the data scientist BS and go talk to recent buyers. Real insight, no guessing and it's free!

Buyers are stuck How to Buy NOT What to Buy. Until the right voices on the decision team have weighed-in and agreed internally, they’re not buying anything. Critical Selling Skill - Learning (and Sharing) How Customers Buy - Hank Barnes

B2B buying is a change management problem NOT a solution choice problem. #sales, #marketing, #business development, #content management 97% of all B2B prospects struggle with HOW to BUY not WHAT to BUY!

It’s time we stop calling this “data” and start calling it what it is “your personal information”

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