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The problem is not getting your product sold, it's getting it bought.

COVID19: Rapid Assessment & Lead Engagement

Many companies are experiencing a collapse in demand and increasing uncertainty. For those clients, we're offering a rapid 45-day buyer assessment and lead engagement deployment. While our buyer assessment will reflect reduced cost and detail, quality and accuracy WILL NOT be compromised.

Helping Buyers Buy

More than 83% of your buyer's journey is spent getting internal buy-in from colleagues, bosses, and budgets to decide to make a change, figuring out how or what will be included in the change, and agreeing how to move forward. And your salespeople are not involved.

This finding quantifies exactly what we hear every day in our buyer assessment interviews; they don't believe that suppliers have anything valuable to contribute to the conversation. At least nothing they couldn't get off the suppliers web site on their own, without having to speak to a sales rep.

If your salespeople are getting engaged at the tail end of a buyer's decision process, your reps are unlikely to know anything about how the buyer navigated the earliest stages of the buying decision, a troubling limitation when this is the part of the buyer's decision that sales and marketing need to influence the most.

Our Buying Decision Model codes every step your buyers must go through to discover how, when, and if, to make a change and leads them to quickly and systematically to address their decision issues and get ready to choose a solution.

The more your reps understand this, the easier it will be to engage their prospects early and lead them through their own decision steps.

So let us help.

Buyers spend less than 17% of their journey interacting with your sales people. Your reps are seeing a very small part of the decision you need to influence.

Buying Decision Model


Time spent making a decision.

Sales Model


Time spent choosing a solution.

When buyers are comparing multiple suppliers‚ the amount of time spent with any one sales rep may be only 5% or 6%.

Sales starts selling before buyers are able to buy, restricting success to those who deem themselves ready to buy.

Do you want to sell? Or help someone buy?

If buyers are spending 83% of their Buying Decision Time independently making a decision then your reps are seeing only 4% of the available market that's ready to buy. The "sales ready leads".

Sellers can use the steps that we’ve coded to address the 96% of the market that's not ready to buy, beginning with immediately ascertaining who is set up to be able to buy, or has a possibility of changing and then teach them precisely how to discover their path to change and how to traverse their steps efficiently.

The entire approach is different from traditional prospecting, qualifying, and pitching. With the focus on first helping the buyer complete their decision path from beginning to end (focus on change), you can expand the possible target audience by a factor of 8, help the people who WILL buy to be able to buy and ignore those that will never buy.

So let us help!

The problem has never been about the buyers "need" or your "solution".

Discover new ways of thinking, working and leading through the Buying Decision Path.

The insights that we uncover allow you to prioritize what is most important to your prospective buyers regarding the benefits they hope to gain, the problems they’re trying to solve and what internal resistance they may be facing. You’ll have the inside track and can arm your salespeople with the buyer attributes that identify the influencers in their accounts and ensure that they provide the information these influencers need to build consensus and drive change in their organization.

Our Interviews

We conduct direct interviews to uncover what triggered a buyers decision to research this type of purchase, which outcomes they anticipated, the steps they took and the criteria they used to weigh their options.

Our Methodology

Our approach is to listen as recent buyers tell their own story – to capture what they were thinking and doing while making a decision similar to the one you want to influence.

Our Results

Our Buying Decision Model ensures you’ll find (and quickly close) a much larger number of people who WILL buy and keep you from wasting time on those who will never buy.

Our Promise

Your reps will have the inside track to enter the Buyers Decision Path and provide the information prospective buyers need to build consensus and drive change in their organization.

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