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Marketing personas is a term that causes your salespeople to roll their eyes when they hear it. Why? Because they know that there is nothing captured in your marketing personas that will actually help them influence their buyers purchase decision.

Buyer Insights will tell you what recent buyers were thinking and doing as they spent money and time to solve problems that you address.

Understanding what triggered a recent buyers search for a solution, what results they were looking to deliver, their perceived risks and barriers and the criteria that they used to choose a final solution will tell you a lot about how prospective buyers are likely to make their purchase decisions.

Buyers are real people not marketing personas.

When marketing leads fail to convert, it’s tempting to blame marketing for bad leads or sales for poor execution. But when you consider that many marketers are shepherding self-educated buyers from awareness through some portion of evaluation by faking their way through with a script aimed at a theoretical personality (a marketing personas) – you can understand why 79% of marketing leads never convert to sales.

When we speak directly with recent buyers that evaluated your company, we can uncover a wealth of information into why you’re winning or losing sales.

We uncover actionable buyer insights that you and your staff have never heard before - or you pay us nothing!

Buyers are real people not marketing personas. They’re not reading your content, they’re blocking your ads and they’re not engaging with your salespeople.

  • Ad blocking growth in the last 12 months 41% 41%
  • Unread B2B emails 63% 63%
  • Unread B2B marketing content 73% 73%
  • Marketing leads that never convert to sales 79% 79%
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