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Huh! What? That’s the response you would expect to hear from this question.

But how is it that Sales is expected to work on qualified leads that have been vetted and are ready to buy, while Marketing is left to “pull a rabbit out of a hat“?

Your Leads Suck! Why Aren’t You Generating More Leads?

How would your marketers and sales reps know if a lead was a great opportunity that’s stuck in the approval process and just not ready or able to buy? No really! How would they know?

What if the buyer is working the purchase decision but doesn’t have all the answers for your sales reps discovery questions or is unwilling to share purchase details with your SDR’s/BDR’s until they’ve gotten further down the process? The buying process is complicated. Buyers don’t want to get ahead of their blocking.

How would you start the conversation with someone that’s evaluating themselves and their ability to withstand the pressures of change that a purchase will bring? They’re not evaluating solutions.

The Buyer Needs Your Help Before They Need Your Solution

When we first meet with our prospects, they are seeing only a small part of the problem (the most obvious aspect of their need) in a situation in which their identified problem is merely a piece of a much bigger puzzle. That’s one of the reasons that buyers don’t give us all the information we (and they) eventually need: they don’t have it.

One of your most important jobs is to get the buyer to objectively see the complete picture that includes stakeholders, initiatives and outdated rules and realize that the problem is far bigger that what they had thought and is impacting the company more than what they had planned for.

What’s stopping your marketers and reps from helping buyers to recognize where they are in their purchase decision, understand what parts of their business need to be aligned before they can bring in your solution and who needs to buy-in before a purchase can be made?

Buying is a Change Management Problem Before it’s a Solution Choice Issue.

Sales and Marketing have no skills to help the buyer address their change management issues because the buying decision is outside the focus of their solution and deals with strategic business issues that are never revealed in an active sales situation.

The sales model does not facilitate systemic change issues and merely seeks to place solutions based on what a seller determines sounds like a “need”. But just because there’s a “need” doesn’t mean they’re buyers.

Sellers and marketers can use the buying steps that we codify and map in our Buyer Assessment to quickly identify where buyers are in their decision journey and help them figure out how to traverse their own steps efficiently. By understanding where decisions often stall and falter you can guide buyers to address their internal resistance areas, disparate voices, and needs before they become unmanageable and derail a purchase.

Trust me: potential buyers need your help figuring out how to figure it all out much more than they need a product pitch, or more discovery questions that attempt to uncover and admit a “need”, they don’t yet know they have.

Where “are” the Marketing Ready Leads?

Believe it or not, some of the best leads are buried right in your nurture wastebasket. And I would be willing to bet that you’re not surprised to hear that. You just haven’t had the cycles to verify it, after Sales has rejected them as unqualified.

Indeed, our Lead Engagement Strategy consistently flushes out and readies 4 out of every 10 rejected leads as “sales ready leads“. That’s 40% of your revenue growth sitting idle in your nurture wastebasket. These are your Marketing Ready Leads and we hand deliver them to you.

Our Lead Engagement Strategy works with a control group of your sellers to identify willing buyers from your pool of recently rejected leads. Your sellers will use the steps that we codified and mapped in our Assessment Report to quickly identify where these buyers are in their decision journey and help them figure out how to traverse their own steps, so they’re able to buy. 

Delivering “sales ready leads” from your pool of rejected leads has been proven to be the best way to get your sales reps attention.

About Gordon Hogg: 

I help CEO’s align their sales and marketing teams around the Buying Decision Path of their specific market — to engage the right leads earlier in their decision-making process. Clients include CEOs of publicly traded companies, as well as those at startups backed by top venture firms. To learn more or get in touch, visit https://insighthought.com/

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