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If you continue to do business the old way, you will be RFP'd, discounted and no decisioned out-of-business.

Buyers are in control. Take action.

Self-educated buyers are over-whelmed with choice and information and it's delaying their purchase decision and driving best price negotiations.

The revenue line is getting hammered.

There is no denying that self-educated buyers have disrupted enterprise sales. And with 54% of forecasted deals never closing in your favor, it’s easy to see why 43% of reps missed their quota in 2016.

Self-educated buyers are spending a huge amount of time making sense of vendor solutions, without the direct involvement of the vendor. And this is leading to prolonged sales cycles and no decision made as buyers wade through the information deluge trying to find what it is they should be looking for and the questions they should be asking. And if they do manage to actively engage your salespeople, you’re likely to be 1 of 3 suppliers chosen to respond to an RFP or compete on the basis of price.

When losing sales it’s tempting to blame marketing for bad leads or sales for poor execution. When you consider how ineffective it is to guess what’s important to buyers and speculate what information you need to persuade them to purchase your solution – then a 47% win rate on forecasted deals is actually understandable.

Stop guessing. Let us help!

24% + 30% = Trouble

  • Forecasted deals that end in no decision made. 24% 24%
  • Forecasted deals that are lost. 30% 30%
  • Sales people that will miss their quota 43% 43%

When we speak directly with recent buyers that evaluated your company we can uncover a wealth of information into why you’re winning or losing sales.

Sales is not in the loop. You have no choice.

It’s never been easier for a prospective buyer to research a product via websites, user groups, social media and free trials before ever speaking with one of your salespeople. Today, self-educated buyers are 60-70% through their decision-making process before engaging your salespeople. This is a staggering statistic and implies that prospective buyers could easily evaluate and disqualify your company and product without you even knowing it.

The sad truth is that companies are struggling mightily to differentiate themselves with today’s self-educated buyer. We’ve had many technology CEO’s tell us that “they have the best people” but what happens when you’re eliminated before you even get to make the pitch?

So let us help!

Uncovering candid, accurate information from real buyers is what we do. It’s all we do and we’re great at it.

Discover new ways of thinking, working and leading through buyer insights.

It’s essential in this world of the self-educated buyer that you hit the nail on the head quickly and succinctly for the few seconds that you have your buyers attention. If you’re able to speak their language and understand their problems better than anyone else, you’re much more likely to get them to call, request more information or get the sales process started.

Our Interviews

We conduct direct interviews with people that have recently evaluated a similar solution to yours and uncover what triggered their decision to research this type of purchase, which outcomes they anticipated, their perceived risks and barriers to purchase and the criteria they use to weigh their options.

Our Methodology

We don’t follow a script, we don’t prepare questions in advance and we avoid introducing new ideas during the interview. Our approach is to listen as recent buyers tell their own story – to capture what they were thinking and doing while making a decision similar to the one you want to influence.

Our Results

We compare your capabilities with the buyers expectations, evaluate each capability based on your competitor’s ability to make that same statement and rank all capabilities based on their relative importance to your buyers. The result is a matrix that reveals your competitive advantages and pinpoints the unique differences that most effectively address your buyer’s urgent and compelling expectations.

Our Promise

We will uncover actionable buyer insights you and your staff have never heard before or you pay us nothing!

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