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If somethings not working properly, they usually start pounding on the screen.

Your field crews and warehouse operators aren’t exactly gentle with their equipment.

Ready where you are

It’s hot, it’s steamy, there’s a lot of dust and debris, ash and chemicals and you wanna make sure it can run because your providers depend on it.

Finish Work Here

They have their office everywhere they go. They can access their email, see spec sheets, place orders and access your system. That’s where the cost savings is driving from.

Older workers will see the light.



Your Battalion Chiefs, sergeants and field supervisors can be a little reluctant and a little skeptical of using technology. They can use the large touchscreen and a flexible dashboard to go ahead and flip the screen, they can dim and lighten, without going into the actual computer settings.

A new era of rugged computing is here.

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Work on large touchscreens in direct sunlight

Workers can easily see the large screen in direct sunlight without needing to cover it and touch buttons without taking off their gloves.


A battery that works as long as you do

Most crews are running 24 hours a day and they need something that’s gonna last a good 10 or 12 hours and not three.


Spill resistant

You can go out there with a rag and wipe them down without damaging the device.


Power on-demand

Over heating is a concern especially when a fire apparatus is on the scene for a long time and it’s sitting on the dash facing into the sun. You want to make sure it can run. You depend on it.

Powerful and rugged.

We tried to do things that would make it freeze, to make it malfunction, not in any abusive manner but just push it to the limit. And it held up. It did really good.


“Xplore had a good reputation with us. We beat up their tablets and so we knew they were very, very robust, and very rugged. So, as far as the service and actual device at this time, we’re going strong. So, we’ve made a good decision.

Mobility Engineer – Pharmacuetical company

A whole new experience

Productivity anywhere, anytime, you can depend on.

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